Original, crafted living spaces.

Designing and building a home isn’t a simple problem-solution proposition. Life and people are far more complex than that. It’s not enough to create a space that can be lived in – that’s just shelter. It’s about creating living spaces that are affirmations of life, and fulfilling in their own right. Therein lies what we at Dda consider to be the craft of architectural design.

Every one of our designs, whether residential or commercial, is crafted with a focus on enhancing the living and working that will take place within it. Custom. Never derivative. As original as the people who will occupy it. Yours is no exception. Design is our first love at Dda. But there’s a lot more to bringing your living space to life than design drawings. In fact, drawings are just the start.

In addition to conceptual development and design drawings for new home builds, Dda also provides:

  • Renovation concept and design

  • Municipal and administrative approval assistance

  • Construction supervision and direction

  • Engineering services consulting and engagement

  • Interior design consulting and engagement

  • Interior concept development and drawings

  • Material consultation and selection